18 Jan 2017

The First Creative Writing Program/Cold Reading Series Collaboration!

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In two weeks, Monday, January 30th, you will have an opportunity to see our 2016 screen and tv grads at their best and bravest as they each have a section of their scripts cold read in front of an audience by a team of Vancouver actors. Flying in from all parts, will be the following […]

11 Nov 2016

Agents Tips, Tricks and Know-How!

  Agent Tips, Tricks & Know-How! Some common question writers have are: How do I find an agent? Should I go the independent route? Should I send my book directly to a publisher? Or should I publish independently? Get the inside knowledge from Trena White of Page Two Publishing Strategies in the very first professional development workshop hosted […]

2 Jun 2016

When You Just Aren’t Motivated

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We’ve all been there. You go to the computer or pick up a pen and you’ve lost your mojo and have nothing to add. No witty sentences. No finely-crafted metaphors. No engaging dialogue. Sometimes we call it writer’s block and sometimes you just feel wrung dry of writing. There are days where everything I type […]

25 May 2016

Congratulations highlights!

January-June 2016 Awards Kat Montagu, Winner of the “Women in Film Spotlight Award for Leadership in Education” sponsored by Capilano University Film Centre. Sierra Skye Gemma, Nominated for the National Newspaper Award in Long Feature for “My Sexual Education” published in The Globe and Mail, results coming on May 27th. Susan Olding, Shortlisted for a National […]

16 May 2016

Writing a Query Letter

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Writing query letters can be daunting. Whether approaching an agent or going directly to a publisher with your work, delivering your baby up for critique can be heart-wrenching. What’s worse is that query letters demand that we stay on message, get to the point, and make our case all in one, short page. We have […]

15 May 2016

UBC CRWR department offering a special workshop just for alumni this summer!

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UBC Creative Writing is pleased to offer a summer residency class open only to MFA alumni. It will be led by bestselling novelist and award-winning playwright Anosh Irani. We plan to offer this five-day, non-credit workshop during the first week of the summer residency, from July 11-15. This multi-genre class will not only include workshopping, […]

12 May 2016

WATCH: An interview with Chelsea Rooney

  Chelsea Rooney Chelsea Rooney is an author and teacher living in Vancouver. Her debut novel Pedal was published in 2014 by Caitlin Press and was nominated for the 2015 Amazon First Novel Award and the 2015 ReLit Novel Award. She hosts a monthly episode of The Storytelling Show on Vancouver Co-op Radio. www.chelsearooney.com (See […]

2 May 2016

On Getting an Agent

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I’ve had many discussions with writers, agents, and more about the argument of acquiring a literary agent or to not bother. Finding one in Canada can be a real challenge, considering our market is so much smaller. With just a handful of agents to choose from (you can find a list in the Canadian Writer’s […]

25 Apr 2016

Watch: an interview with Emily Pohl-Weary

Emily Pohl-Weary Emily Pohl-Weary is an award-winning author, editor, and creative writing instructor. Her latest books are Ghost Sick, a collection of poetry about tragedy and resilience in downtown Toronto, and Not Your Ordinary Wolf Girl, a young adult fantasy novel. Her previous books include a Hugo Award-winning biography, a ghost love story, a female […]

24 Apr 2016

How to continue learning with UBC Creative Writing department

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Are you looking to revitalize your writing practice? Here are some ways the Creative Writing Department is still available to you after you graduate. 1. You can take this series of online courses on EdX run by alumni Annabel Lyon and Nancy Lee who currently teach in the UBC Creative Writing department. SIGN UP HERE. […]