How to join


What does joining the UBC Creative Alumni Association do for you?

 By joining the alumni association you are becoming apart of a large network of artists that have graduated from the UBC Creative Writing Program, both with BFAs and MFAs. By joining, you are connecting with a large network of people to promote your work to and you are continuing to be a part of a writing community.

 Some of the things that we will do for you:



We will be actively promoting our members on social media such as Twitter and Facebook. Do you have a book coming out? Has someone interviewed you about a recent publication success? Have you won a literary contest? Are you taking part in a local reading or going on tour? Would you like to have those things promoted? Of course you would. The UBC CRWRAA is one of the places where you do that.


Our blog will be the hub for all kinds of information about the writing and publishing business including job postings, featured alumni interviews, updates on the association, and more. Check back often to find out what’s happening in the creative writing business and with your fellow alumni.


Every second month, we will produce a newsletter full of alumni updates, publishing and writing news, upcoming events and any other relevant news. Have information you would like to see included in the newsletter? Email and let us know.

Featured Alumni

Each month, we will choose an alumni to be featured on our blog with online interviews, boosted profile, and further online promotion through our social media channels. If there is an alumni you would like to feature, send an email detailing your request and how you would like them featured. This also serves as a chance to build publication credits.

Personal Profile

Each member will have a personal profile on our website complete with a bio, headshot, year of graduation, contact information and more. To join the association and provide your details, email and we will send you the fillable form with all the information we need. You profile will be active within a few weeks.

Forum Access

Our online forum, a branch of the UBC Optional Residency forum, will allow members to self-organize events and connect with fellow writers. Please keep in mind, this is not the place to self-promote, as we will keep that to our newsletter, blog, and profiles.


Whether events are self-organized or hosted specially by the executive of the UBC CRWRAA, we hope to provide more occasions for writers to gather, socialize and talk about the writing business.


Through our online forum, writers are encouraged to self-organize events through our private online forum, similar to the online optional residency portion of the MFA. Organize readings, social gatherings and other events through the forum by region, or let others know when you’ll be in town for a get-together!

Professional Development

One of our medium term goals is to offer professional development that is geared specifically towards our alumni, featuring education on craft, skill, publication and more. We are generating ideas for workshops in a variety of cities but also specifically at UBC in conjunction with the annual summer residency. Check back for more details on professional development opportunities or email us with ideas for specific events.


Once you join the association, you will able to submit content for the blog, become a member on the forum, be asked to read at featured events, and be invited to any alumni events, residencies and professional development workshops held by the association.


How to join

If you would like to join the association, be listed on our profile page and sign up to receive the newsletter

CLICK HERE to fill out our submission form.

 Please be patient while we prepare your profile and see you around the forums!

* Currently there are no dues to join the association and all work is done by volunteers but there may come a time when we will have to charge a small amount to members to cover costs such as website hosting, printed materials, etc.