16 May 2016

Writing a Query Letter

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Writing query letters can be daunting. Whether approaching an agent or going directly to a publisher with your work, delivering your baby up for critique can be heart-wrenching. What’s worse is that query letters demand that we stay on message, get to the point, and make our case all in one, short page. We have […]

2 May 2016

On Getting an Agent

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I’ve had many discussions with writers, agents, and more about the argument of acquiring a literary agent or to not bother. Finding one in Canada can be a real challenge, considering our market is so much smaller. With just a handful of agents to choose from (you can find a list in the Canadian Writer’s […]

13 Nov 2015

Book Release: Julie Hartley

Current MFA student Julie Hartley’s novel for middle grade readers The Finding Place  has been published by Red Deer Press. You can buy it here in Canada, and will be released in the States sometime in December 2015. “Found as a baby outside a school in China, Kelly Stroud is adopted and raised by North American […]

13 Nov 2015

Chapbook Release: Kayla Czaga

Alumni Kayla Czaga’s chapbook Enemy of the People was released by Anstuther Press this fall. You can order the collection here.

13 Nov 2015

Book Release: Brooke Carter

Alumni Brooke Carter has a poetry collection Poco Loco coming out with Anstruther Press in March 2016. And as a special treat two poems from that collection are in the November 2015 issue of The Humber Literary Review. Also, her debut novel Another Miserable Love Song will be released in the fall of 2016 by Orca Book […]

13 Nov 2015

Book Release: Nathan Adler’s Wrist

Current MFA student Nathan Adler‘s novel WRIST is set to be released in the the Spring of 2016 from Kegedonce Press. “Church watched the blood drip down the wall like droplets of rain sliding down a window pane. He didn’t have time to watch the new paint dry though, he needed to go. No time […]

4 Nov 2015

Highlights from Alumni and current students.

Since there are a few congratulations to go around for alumni and current students here is a highlight round up: Awards: – Annabel Lyon, Won the Engel/Findlay Award. – Deirdre Dore, Won the Journey Prize for 2015. – Anna Ling Kaye, Nominated for the Journey Prize. – Kayla Czaga, Nominated for a Governor General Award. […]

13 May 2015

Correction: Harper Collins UBC Creative Writing manuscript contest.

From the Creative Writing Department: Dear Students and Alumni, HCC have just informed us of an error in their letter to students; the email address for submissions is incorrect. It is listed as bestnewfiction@cookeagency.ca. The correct email is bestnewfictionprize@cookeagency.ca. If you have already sent your submission, please RESEND to the correct email. They apologize for […]

29 Apr 2015

HarperCollinsPublishersLtd/UBC Prize for Best New Fiction

Alumni, if you were not aware Harper Collins Publishers and UBC Creative Writing have teamed up to offer an astounding annual competition. Please see the press release below and attached documents. You do need a UBC student ID number in order to apply. If you need help retrieving your student number you may contact the […]

22 Apr 2015

2014 CBC Short Fiction award

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The 2014 CBC Short Fiction award shortlist included a UBC Creative Writing Alumni, Kirsten Madsen! Kirsten Madsen’s fiction has been published in Prairie Fire and The New Quarterly and was shortlisted in the Writers Union of Canada short prose competition in 2011. Her non-fiction has been published in EVENT magazine. She is a recent graduate […]