2 Jun 2016

When You Just Aren’t Motivated

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We’ve all been there. You go to the computer or pick up a pen and you’ve lost your mojo and have nothing to add. No witty sentences. No finely-crafted metaphors. No engaging dialogue. Sometimes we call it writer’s block and sometimes you just feel wrung dry of writing. There are days where everything I type […]

16 May 2016

Writing a Query Letter

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Writing query letters can be daunting. Whether approaching an agent or going directly to a publisher with your work, delivering your baby up for critique can be heart-wrenching. What’s worse is that query letters demand that we stay on message, get to the point, and make our case all in one, short page. We have […]

2 May 2016

On Getting an Agent

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I’ve had many discussions with writers, agents, and more about the argument of acquiring a literary agent or to not bother. Finding one in Canada can be a real challenge, considering our market is so much smaller. With just a handful of agents to choose from (you can find a list in the Canadian Writer’s […]

8 Feb 2016


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Two years ago, (mind you, AFTER my thesis was completed), my husband bought me Scrivener software. It is designed to help you organize your manuscript, including fiction, plays, and screenplays, by offering one stop shopping for character profiles, gathering research, and outlining, not to mention actual writing. I had always balked against this kind of […]

8 Jan 2016

When You Feel Like Giving Up

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  As writers, we have to become professionals at accepting rejection because this is a business where hearing “no” in various polite forms becomes part of writing life. But despite the harrowing assurances of our families and that MFA hanging on the wall, many of us come to a moment where it feels like all […]

15 Sep 2015

A Writing Retreat Packing List

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As I prepare for my own independent residency at the Banff Centre, I’m musing about all the things I wish I had brought with me when I was there for the first time in 2013. And since I live across the country and was without a car for a quick zip into town, I had […]

5 Sep 2015

Are Writing Retreats Worth It?

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We’ve all heard musings about writing retreats. The creativity. The inspiration. The getaway. The productivity. And with so many varieties of writing retreats and residencies, it can be overwhelming to decide if one is right for you. We decided to look at the pros and cons of writing retreats, so you can decide for yourself. […]