How do I join the association?

Simply fill out this form and send us an email at with your headshot for your profile. In a few weeks (speed will depend on the number of alumni signing up at any given time), your online profile will be active. 

What does joining the association mean? Why would I want to join?

Please see our Join page for details on why you should join the association. But to name a few reasons, there will be opportunity for promotion, connection with fellow writers, professional development opportunities and more. 

What do I have to have in order to join?

You only need to have graduated with either a BFA or an MFA with a major in Creative Writing from UBC. 

How do I get my profile page updated?

Just send us an email and we will update your page as needed. 

How do I get my project featured in the newsletter, blog, website, Twitter or Facebook page?

Send an email  with any pertinent information (including photos or book covers). We will then post your details to our social media pages. To be featured in our quarterly newsletter please include NEWSLETTER SUBMISSION in your subject line. 

Where can you connect with fellow members?

You can connect on the UBC Creative Writing forum. You can also join our Facebook group.

Who chose the executive committee?

The executive committee was chosen by a group of alumni who answered the initial call of interest for those interested in starting the organization. All of these positions are held on a volunteer basis by fellow alumni members. Every two years, new members can be added to the board.

How can I join the executive committee?

If you are interested in joining the executive, be it filling one of our currently open positions or being considered for future elections (done by email), then just send us an email.