A time out for UBC CRWR Alumni Association

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Hello all,

First of all, we’d like to thank everyone who has already joined as a member of the alumni association. We’ve had so much interest and excitement that has been infectious since back in 2014 when the idea of the association was just that; an idea.

That said, Fran and Cathryn have decided to step down from the organization. As you know, everyone has other roles in life and commitments which change and flow as we go along, and so we’re thrilled that Fran and Cathryn are making more time for their writing. Both were so instrumental to getting the organization on its feet, especially Fran’s social media expertise, along with Cathryn’s design of our logo and management of our newsletter. We’re sad to see them go but express great thanks for the work they’ve done.

We’re sure you’ve noticed we’ve been a bit radio silent lately as we try to figure out new ways and concrete methods for supporting alumni. We’re working closely with the UBC CRWR department to learn how to grow and develop, so bear with us a little bit longer as we figure things out.

Thank you for your understanding and stay tuned:

Kelly S. Thompson and Sandra Lynxleg- Pres 1 and 2

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