CarolyeEstella C. Kuchta’s first novel, Instinct to Run, will be published in winter 2017. Currently she works as a researcher for a bestselling non-fiction author, Gabor Mate, and freelances as an academic and management consultant editor. She has also worked as an Intern for CBC Radio’s North by Northwest, a script-writer for film company Borderless World Productions, an editor for Susila Dharma International, and an English instructor at Capilano University. Her poetry has been published in Prism, Grain, Event, Puritan, and The Chadwick Garden Anthology.

Publications: (Selection)

Breadwinner: The Life of Leo Poulos. Editor. Forthcoming
“Educating Children’s Hearts.” (Essay/Article) ParentsCanada Magazine. Forthcoming “Rent.” (Poem) Subterrain #68, Fall 2014
“Tweens Benefit from Keeping a Diary.” (Essay/Article) ParentsCanada Magazine. March 2013 “Twenty Reasons to Avoid Thinking.” (Poem) Prism International #50.1, Fall 2011
“Portrait of a Gifted Child.” (Essay/Article) ParentsCanada Magazine. August 2010

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